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Between “Yes!” and “I Do”: Getting from the Engagement to the Wedding

Congratulations, you’re engaged! But don’t jump into wedding planning just yet. How do you best spend that exciting time between saying “yes” and “I do”? This article from Marry Me Tampa Bay solicited responses to this question from area wedding planners, photographers, and vendors. Here’s what they had to say about what to do after you get engaged.

First of all, don’t rush right into the anxiety of planning. Engagement is one of those momentous occasions of life, like graduation, marriage itself, and retirement. Take some time to enjoy it! Throw an engagement party, let all your friends know on social media, and enjoy the moment.

After you’ve taken a deep breath or two, envision what you want that special day to look like and discuss it with your partner. Get on the same page on the type of location, size, style, season, level of formality, and budget. Once you come to an agreement on those things, you can move on to the planning itself: choosing a date, finding the right venue, hashing out the guest list, and hiring professionals.

The full article has so much great insight from professionals, so if you’re ready to start planning, make sure to check it out. But not before you’ve taken a moment to celebrate your engagement!