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Wedding Planning: What Could Go Wrong?

Once wedding planning begins in earnest, the excitement of engagement will slowly be overwhelmed by the realization that planning a wedding is one of the most complex undertakings you’ll ever find yourself in charge of. Hiring venues, photographers, caterers, a DJ; choosing a dress, buying decorations, deciding who to invite, mailing invitations…that’s a lot on your plate, but that’s all stuff you can plan for.

What about the things you can’t plan for? Weather, illness, accidents, a lost or damaged dress, a vendor who fails to deliver: despite your best efforts, these unpredictable events can ruin one of the most special days of your life. This article from Marry Me Tampa Bay lists all of the things that could go wrong, in case your anxiety wasn’t through the roof already.

But at least, as the article points out, wedding insurance is a thing that exists. So if the unthinkable does happen—a hurricane decides to cancel your wedding, or your caterer goes missing—you’ll be covered financially. Not fun to think about, no, but it’s better than being unprepared.