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How Do I Choose a Wedding Date in Florida?

Choosing a wedding date that doesn’t step on any toes is difficult enough, but if you’re getting married in Florida, you’ve got a lot more to contend with, from Spring Break crowds to hurricane season. This article offers some advice on choosing that special date.

Their first piece of advice is to let the date choose you: if there isn’t a special date that you have in mind, choose a date that will ensure the availability of the venue and vendors of your choice. You’ll also want to reach out to your family and friends—at least the ones you really, really want at your wedding—to find out if there’s a particular month or season that works best for them.

When choosing that date, don’t forget to consider the unpredictability of the weather in Florida. You know it’s going to be hot in the summer, and you know it’s going to be wet. But when exactly it’s going to rain and how much is anybody’s guess.

Don’t worry about getting the soonest date, either. The engagement period can be a special time in your life, bursting with hope and possibility, so give yourself some time to enjoy it.

The wedding experts interviewed in the piece have a lot more to say about options, pricing, availability, and other holidays and events to plan around. Read the full article here.